Men Who Read Women

As the project’s title itself says, these are images of men reading books written by women. For many reasons, I needed to start taking these pictures a couple of years ago.

All the persons represented inhere are actually great readers – but they, as myself too, do not own that many books written from female authors. In an unfortunately still men’s-world, women are still underrepresented in Literature, Philosophy, Arts – which are fields where gender equality should have happened sooner than other fields. The „Mathilda Effect“ (men who often take the grants for women’s work) is part of the question and also very often friendships between men, who mainly support each other, instead of considering women’s work or opinion equally, as philosopher C. D. Eichler claims.

I needed to call everyone’s attention to these facts.

This project has not to be understand as an accuse, because it’s not.

Also, I strongly believe that it will never be possible for women alone to fight for equality – we need more feminist men and less huffy feminist women, is a thought that does not abandon me.

A feminist man can only be such by understanding a woman’s world, accepting that –the differences- and wanting to grow together, instead against each-other. A way for men to pay attention to women’s way of thinking and feeling, is reading them.

I plead for a world in which men get feminist and women fight loyally. Who needs more hate? War and non-dialog only brings us against each other –  but that’s all we have, right? Each-other.